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Latitude: 7.1' .05" N  x  Longitude: 171' 23" E


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Where to Anchor -

  Where to drop the hook in Majuro:

The two main mooring fields of Majuro are in front of the Robert Reimers Enterprises (RRE) compound in Uliga and, to the south, in front of the Mobil tanks. Yachts are charged $3 a day in both mooring fields. Yachts in front of RR can pay at the Western Union desk in Fermosa Supermarket, while yachts in front of Mobil pay Matt Holly (his place is behind EZ Price).

There are two islands on the beautiful Northern side of Majuro atoll that are open to all Yachts that would like to anchor there or come to land without the need for prior permission.

Enemanit Island. As in previous years Enemanit, also known as ‘Picnic’ Island, is open to all yachts. It is about four and a half miles to the west of Uliga. As you come alongside Enemanit, you will see a low wall jutting out perpendicular to the beach. You should anchor either off the wall or to the west of it. Local dive operators use the area to the east of the wall and they request no yachts use this area so that the coral is safe from anchor erodes. Anchoring at Enemanit is between 35 and 60 feet and is good holding, as long as you drop in a big sandy spot and avoid the coral heads. It is perfectly okay to go ashore at Enemanit, although if you walk around the island be sure to say hello to anyone staying at the sometimes inhabited houses at the western end of the island.

Eneko Island. RRE owned, is the second where you can anchor and land at in Majuro without needing permission. Here is some of the best snorkeling in Majuro. There is one mooring and a second one pending.

At the time of writing, one mooring exists off the Marshall Island Resort (MIR). There is no charge to use this mooring, however its strength is questionable.

You are strongly advised to dive on any mooring you use. If you feel the mooring is not safe, either contact the owners or ‘beef it up’ yourself with your own chain.

Anchoring in front of the downtown Uliga area is not advised as the ground has a shallow amount of sand on rock. It is possible to anchor to the north of RRE in front of Kirt Pinho’s area (which can usually be identified by a large crane) and between the capital building and the Marshall Islands Resort. If you choose to do the latter, it’s preferable to have buddy boats around as security can be questionable and in the 2003-04 season at least one boat was broken into. Security in the main anchorages tends to be very good, given the close proximity to houses in a developing country. That said, it’s advisable to lock your boat when ashore and avoid leaving tempting objects on the decks.

To anchor off any other islands in Majuro lagoon (including Kalalin at the main pass), you must go to the Marshall Islands Visitors Authority and ask the staff to organize permission from the landowners.



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