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November 28, 2004

Spectators watching the starting maneuvers of the Mieco Beach Yacht Club’s first race of the 2004-05 season on Sunday were a tad hampered by one of the biggest rain storms of the year, making it difficult to spot the yachts through the sheets of water.

After the rain evaporated, the wind died and left the yachts creeping towards the start line off the Marshall Islands Resort at a snail’s pace.
Then, pouff, the wind was back and the yachts were on their way around the 10.6 nautical mile course.

Four boats entered the race, with the cutter-rigged sloop Seal, skippered by Cary Evarts, taking line honors and first place on corrected time.
Second place went to Stella, skippered by Terry Forsbrey, and third to Navi-Gator, skippered by former pilot Joe McCarthy.

The fourth boat, Sunrise, skippered by Dale Finley, was disqualified after they were forced to turn on their engine to avoid running into a rusting hulk.

All the boats carried crew from around town, with Seal and Navi-Gator playing host to four graduates from the Waan Aelon in Majel (Canoes of the Marshall Islands) program.

The guys — Tommy Titus, James Jelai, Johnny Boutu, and Hesner Leban — all had a super time out on the water, learning a new set of sailing skills that included getting used to working on a boat that weighs more than 15 tons, compared to an outrigger canoe’s 180 pounds or so.

Following the race, skippers and crew gathered at the Marshall Islands Resort for the prize-giving ceremony emceed by Commodore Richard Hickson.

Prizes included fuel from MEC, a range of goodies from the resort, and gift certificates from EZ Price and Ace Hardware.

Following tradition, all the crew members’ names were put into a hat with WAM’s James Jelai pulling out Jay Plasman’s piece of paper to win him a pizza at RRE.

The yacht club’s next race is scheduled to be held on Sunday, December 19, 2004 with the traditional skippers’ meeting being held the Friday before at the resort.



Boat Name
Actual Time
Corrected Time
Seal 2:18:44 1:45:10 190
Stella 2:20:07 1:53:37 150
Navi-Gator 2:35:06 2:06:50 160
Sunrise* 2:24:10 1:59:47 138

* Sunrise disqualified for turning on engine to avoid collision with derelict.


1. The yacht Stella, skippered by Terry Forsbrey, on the last leg of the first race of the season.

2. Skipper Cary Evarts and Marshallese crew member Tommy Titus on the winning yacht Seal in the first race of the season.

3. Kaye McCarthy of the yacht Navi-Gator, which came third in the first race of the season.

Author:  Karen Earnshaw

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