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April 5, 2009

By Karen Earnshaw


By Karen Earnshaw

The yacht Seal captained by Commodore Cary Evarts was announced the winner of the Mieco Beach Yacht Club's 2008-09 race season at an awards ceremony at the Marshall Islands Resort on Sunday evening.

The poolside event doubled as a big thank you to the generous sponsors for their great gifts and to skippers for taking part.

The buffet was followed by a speech by Evarts, who briefly listed the club's achievements over the year. These included:

bulletThe Mieco Beach Yacht Club Majuro Reef Protection Mooring Project has been completed in Majuro, giving 15 moorings at Enemanet and Eneko.
bulletA canoe sub-committee took numerous tarps and donated sails to a number of outer islands and sewed sails for the local canoes.
bulletThere was a Shoreline clean-up that saw several pallets of garbage being taken out of the water and put into a dumpster.
bulletA safety net was strung up at the Lona dock at Shoreline to protect small boats from being trapped under the dock.
bulletTuesday Tales was relaunched, with thanks going to the weekly guest speakers who gave the new Yachties an insight into the culture, history and politics of the Marshall Islands.
bulletThe club participated in a crown of thorns eradication program in Laura conducted by Dean Jacobson from CMI.
bulletChristmas saw the yacht club members being the mainstay at the veterinarian clinic, with many members donating massive amounts of time and energy for the cats and dogs of this community.

Ted Cary on Sequester started a local outer islands single side band net called the Yokwe Net (upper side band 4.030Mhz), which has greatly increased the safety of all vessels traveling outer island.

Following the awards ceremony, legendary Wotje singer Tony Kaious and Clanny Glanry, playing keyboard, entertained the guests.

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