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March 1, 2009

Multiple wind changes cause crews to work extra hard

By Karen Earnshaw

The multiple changes in wind strength and direction last Sunday made the crews of the Mieco Beach Yacht Club race fleet work super hard as skippers called for sail changes on virtually every leg of the 7.5 mile event.

In the monohull division, first across the start line was John Kelly and his Hawkeye crew, with the 'Kelly Gang' continuing to hold the lead through to the finish, winning them line honors and first place on corrected time.

Nine boats, including the EZ WAM canoe, took part in the race, which had two divisions, one for monohulls, the other for 'multies.' Bonny Taggart held the stopwatch as leader of the race committee on shore, with race controller Jerry McGraw adding his two cents worth as the race evolved.

Here's how the rest of the fleet did on corrected time:

Second: Seal, skippered by Cary Evarts.
Third: Sand Dollar, Ken Stuber
Fourth: Ursa Minor, Bryan Lane
Fifth: Deviant, Chuck Handy
Sixth: Creola, Bill McKeever
Seventh: EZ WAM, Ken Taggart
Eighth: Po'Oino Roa, Kathy McGraw
Ninth: Sequester, Ted Cary.

The next yacht club event will be the annual general meeting at 6pm on Tuesday, March 10, at the Marshall Islands Resort. This will be followed by the last race of the season to be held in early April.

Captions: (please click on link to open picture)

1. Hawkeye Crew

2. Wing and Wing Sequence




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