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December 9, 2007

The wind was blowing mightily on Sunday afternoon as a yacht entered the pass at Kalalin Island and sailed east to the downtown area. As the crew battled the breeze, they must have been thinking the yachties of Majuro had completely lost it. What on earth were all these boats doing out on the lagoon, tacking to and fro with no apparent purpose?

Ah-ha! The purpose was to teach dozens of landlubbers the basics of sailing as a prelude to the Mieco Beach Yacht Club's racing season.

The first part of the club's 'Learn to Sail Day' was held at RRE Hotel's Boknake with a group of yachting experts teaching everything from the special words used in sailing to how to put a sheet around a winch safely and on-board etiquette.

After lunch it was out to the participating yachts Po'Oino Roa, Amulet, Hygelig, Phryne, Skylark II, and Seal for the real action: "Keep your hands at least four inches away from the winch." "If you hear a shout, duck .... the boom can kill." "What point of sail are we on now?"

After a couple of invigorating hours on the lagoon, it was back to the mooring fields for some socializing and by the end of the day everyone had smiles on their dials.

The club's next event will be at 6pm this Friday evening at its clubhouse (a.k.a. the Marshall Islands Resort) for the skippers' meeting, where potential crew can team up with skippers for this Sunday's race.

The best vantage point for spectators to watch the race action is the deck of the Marshall Islands Resort from about 12:30pm, when the yachts will begin their pre-start 'waltz' in nearby waters, with the Royal Australian Navy's boat True Blue acting as the race committee vessel.

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1. Skylark II takes part in the Mieco Beach Yacht Club's Learn to Sail Day.




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