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  Backward dinghy race

The crowd at the Shoreline couldn’t believe their eyes on Saturday when a bunch of yachties in inflatable dinghies started throwing buckets of water at each other.
But when the yachties then lined up in their dinghies and headed off on a mini-race course the crowd really started to crack up, mainly because the really weird ribelles were driving their dinghies backwards.

The most obvious question to ask at this point would be “Why?”
Hmmmm. The Journal put this question to a number of the sailors, without much response, except for a few mumbled “It sounded like a good idea at the time”. The “good idea” came from Navi-Gator skipper Joe McCarthy, who participated in a similar event in Fiji.

Picking up the oar and running with it was Karmaladen skipper Rixzene Ayers, who has been floating her big boat around the Marshalls for over a year.

Rixzene, with a little help from friends, organized a ton of great prizes for the race, including Internet time at NTA, discounts at RRE, ice cream from Spencer’s, and free movie tickets. Adding silliness to the afternoon were a few wacky prizes, such as a free hour’s lesson in etiquette from New Yorker Jordan Bigel from the yacht Queen Jane (note that Jordan is from New York), and a 240 volt toaster from Navi-Gator (note that yachts use 12 volt and the island uses 120 volt).

At the important end of the trivia paddle, first place in the race was taken out by pirates Drew Williams and his daughter Celeste from the yacht Libby Lane, with Ash Shepley on Creeper, the Karmaladen dinghy, coming in a vigorous second.

Due to our reporter being completely slack, we’re not able to report at this time who came third, but fourth went to a very wet Julie Snider and Darryl Hodson from the power boat Paradise.

But the big winners on the day were definitely the people in the Shoreline crowd, who laughed themselves silly for the entire race. As Norbert Reimers was moved to mention after the action: “It was double silly.”

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