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  The essential guide to dining out in Majuro

For a relatively small city, Majuro has a tremendous range of restaurants and cafes to suit all budgets and tastes. All the main hotels sport up-scale eateries, while smaller eateries and Asian restaurants can be found almost every few hundred yards in the downtown area. As well, you will find sidewalk barbecues with local women cooking simple fare such as chicken and rice. To help you make a choice on where to tuck into some top tucker, following is the incomplete guide to dining out in Majuro.

Andy’s Restaurant: A fairly recent addition to Majuro’s sustenance stable, Andy’s offers a top class range of Chinese food, including some off-beat dishes. These include seaweed soup and one classic item called ‘stir fry miscellaneous things inside chicken’. The restaurant is clean and air-conditioned, the service is quick, and if you’re into watching TV, they have a set up on the wall. Andy’s is a couple of minutes walk north of the post office on the Oceanside of the road. Best feature: Prompt service.

Chit Chat Restaurant (at the Hotel Marshall Islands): A slightly eccentric venue with a fabulous ocean view. Pizzas recommended, but a range of budget food available. Fully-stocked bar. Great place to practice your Marshallese (and get a laugh from the staff). Shuffleboard and pool tables to use while you wait for your order. The Hotel Marshall Islands is on the ocean road behind the RRE supermarket (walk down the lane next to the store and hang a left). Best Feature: Great character.

DAR Coffee Corner: Air-conditioned restaurant well-loved by locals for lunch. A range of western and local food. Specialties include fresh fish and Marshallese foods such as breadfruit and pumpkin cooked in various ways. Good size servings. Don’t be surprised when the waitress sits at your table to discuss your options — it’s a delightful Marshallese custom. To get to DAR, follow instructions for Chit Chat, but hang a right instead. Reservations 625-3174 and ask for the restaurant. Best feature: Spectacularly clean.

Emmon Restaurant: Open for breakfast and lunch.

Enra Restaurant (at the Marshall Islands Resort, Delap): Up-market dining in an air-conditioned room with a lagoon view. Extensive western menu, daily specials, and a pizza menu. Vegetarians catered for. Excellent Wednesday and Friday lunch buffets. Full bar and good range of wines. No smoking in the restaurant, but you can eat on the terrace. Reservations 625-2525. Best feature: Sunday buffet brunch from 10:30am to 2pm.

Flame Tree: Western bar/restaurant style venue with shuffleboard and pool tables. On balmy nights, we recommend you eat outside on the verandah. Menu includes burgers, noodles, fish and chips and rice dishes. Fully-stocked bar. Live music Thursday and Friday evenings. The Flame Tree is above The Tourist Trap between Payless Supermarket and the Marshall Islands Resort in Delap on the oceanside of the road. You can make reservations by calling 625-4229. Best Feature: Excellent pizzas.

Frank K’s Restaurant: If you’d like to discover traditional Marshallese food, Frank K’s has one of the best ranges in town. These dishes include mă (sliced, cooked breadfruit with a coconut milk sauce), bańke kalel (pumpkin with coconut milk sauce), and jukjuk in banana (crushed banana mixed with grated coconut made into small balls). The restaurant also serves ‘regular’ food, such as chopped steak, for unadventurous partners. You’ll find Frank K’s across from the EZ Price Mart in Uliga. Best Feature: Delicious local food at budget prices.

Long Island Restaurant: This is one of Majuro’s few fine-dining restaurants, and it offers excellent Chinese food along with a range of western dishes in a pleasant setting in the Rairok area of Long Island (a $1 taxi ride from downtown). It’s a great place to eat lunch because of the view across the lagoon. The restaurant features a first class all-you-can eat lunch buffet on Thursdays and Sundays. They’ve also introduced super value meals, with a variety of dishes for $6.95 and $7.95 — so no matter your budget limits, you can eat well at the Long Island Restaurant. Best feature: Thursday and Sunday buffets.

Monica’s Restaurant: Downtown Uliga across the road from the White House restaurant.  The Club recently donated $50 to Monica so that she can by shelving for our 'library'.  This is a book swap place which has been very popular among yachties.

Oriental Noodle Restaurant: This is a hole-in-the-wall restaurant that produces some of the best Chinese food in Majuro. Chef Fong has earned the well-deserved reputation as the perveyor of high-quality chow, ranging from the standard beef broccoli and sweet and sour pork, to tofu, shrimp and seafood items. Proof of the “Noodle’s” quality can be seen in its thriving business, despite it being out of the downtown “restaurant district.” Over the years, virtually every restaurant that has moved out of town has gone belly up. Not the “Noodle”, however, which took its loyal clientele right along with it when it shifted quarters. It’s small and clean. The Oriental Noodle is in Long Island, a $1 taxi fare from downtown, about one mile west of the bridge. Tell your taxi driver to “take me to Noodle Restaurant, Long Island.” Reservations 247-2088. Best feature: Excellent Chinese food.

Shanghai Restaurant: David Xu has a cool and cute eatery, which is air conditioned with comfy red chairs and flower arrangements. A highlight is the karaoke machine. The restaurant is opposite Bikini Atoll Local Government Office. Best feature: $4.95 lunch special with soup and a main dish.

Tammy’s Restaurant: Another newcomer in Majuro, Tammy’s is owned by long-time catering couple Al and Lani Wong. The eatery offers relatively simple fare at excellent prices. For example, at the time of writing Tammy’s offered spicy chicken wings or pan fried yellow fin tuna steak with side dishes for $6.25. Tammy’s is opposite the police station in Uliga. Best Feature: Fresh, fresh food.

Tide Table (at the RRE Hotel, Uliga): American bar/restaurant style venue with an extensive western menu. Air-conditioned with views of the Uliga anchorage. Great burgers and pizza. Special nights include Mexican night on Tuesdays (traditionally yachties’ night), Pizza night on Thursdays, and Sushi night on Fridays. Reservations 625-3250 ext. 248. Best feature: Bruce the barman and waitresses Miriam and Retty.

White House: Delicious traditional Korean food in air-conditioned room. Beer (including Taiwan beer) and soda available. Charming service and popular with many locals. Often given extremely high rating for cleanliness by Environmental Protection Authority. Reservations: 625-2668. Best feature: Quick service.

Won Hai Shein: Excellent Asian cuisine in a spacious, air-conditioned room with a great view of Uliga dock and lagoon. Beer and soft drinks and some expensive wine available. They allow ‘bring your own’ wine with a corkage fee. The Won Hai Shein is on the road to Uliga docks opposite the Alele Museum. You can make reservations by calling 625-6641. Best feature: Scrumptious dum

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