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Latitude: 7.1' .05" N  x  Longitude: 171' 23" E


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Entry Procedures for the Marshalls -


When arriving to the Marshalls on a private yacht please contact the port captain at the following email at least 72 hours before arrival rmipa.seaops@ntamar.net.Please ask for confirmation of receipt of email.  It would be helpful to 'cc' a copy to the Customs office mhcustoms@ntamar.net again asking for confirmation of receipt of the email.

When you are within a few hundred miles of Majuro, you can join in the Yokwe net (yokwe means hello). This is on 6236 kz and is run by local yachties. The net is at 7:45am and 6pm local time.  If you give your ETA to the net, I can also call the relevant agencies on your behalf, again 72 hours in advance of your arrival.

It would be useful for you to give the length of your boat, your home port, number of people on board, etc.

It is best to arrive in Majuro between 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday, otherwise an overtime fee of $150 will be charged. On arrival in Majuro lagoon, you can talk to the fleet on VHF 68, which is our hailing channel. We then move to Channel 74 for conversations.

Arriving yachties are automatically given a 30-day visa with the possibility of extending for 60 days. If you would like to stay in the Marshalls longer, it's possible to get a residency for a year, however this costs a little bit of money.


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